Thursday, May 31, 2012

"I'm awake! I'm alive!"

Oh heck. I am rounding up on the last weeks of the Spring Semester here at dorky BYU. Things are dang busy with that.

I just started a brand new job at Vivint in the retention department which means I convince people to keep them awesome alarms systems.

This is my Boss. He's Boss.

AND I work at Maple Lake Academy as on-call with 14 awesome boys that have Autism. The boys live at a gorgeous house out in Spanish Fork, UT full-time. Some hate it, some love it, naturally. I just had to learn PCS, so things get crazy too.

AND I work again at Cafe Paesan. Rarely. But I get 50% off when I visit and 100% off on the days I work. It is dang yummy. The couple that started Cafe Rio and sold it, are the owners of this little salivating gem.

AND I finally got a calling! I am the Compassionate Service Chairperson. So basically I sit in a chair all the time and people just admire my Spirit and the Light of Christ in my eyes.... But seriously, it is going to be a very challenging calling. We are starting from the ground up in this ward. 

And that's my life guys! Any questions, comments, concerns? Time to start guessing my quotes my friends! Time to play! Run!

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Have you seen these toilets?! They're ginormous!"

That's a big one, eh? NEVER seen one this large. I think it rolled it radioactive leakage..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Promise me you're going to clean up."

Do-It-Yourself Saturday {bit behind because my cheap computer cord broke.}

So one Saturday I decide to make my own dang laundry soap. It was super duper easy and it smells great! So I've got everything broken down "step-by-step, day-by day".

Step 1:
Go to the store and buy your supplies. You will need..
1 Container all ready to hold your wonderful detergent.{I bought mine at DI it was only Fiddy Cent!}
1 Cheese Grater
1 4lbs 12 oz box of 20 Mule Team Borax -- Found in the detergent isle
1 3lbs 4 oz box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda  -- Also detergent isle
2 2lbs box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda -- Found in cooking isle 
3 bars of Fels-Naptha {say it like you have a lisp, it's better that way} -- Again detergent isle
Salt and Pepper to taste .. "only kidding!"

You can also add 2 small containers of Oxy Clean, but this is optional-especially on my budget. I spent in total about $13.00. It yields roughly 2 gallons of detergent. And should last about 9 months! Say Wow!

Step 2:
Have a playlist of your favorite music ready. {"We CLAW with our finger nails for that inch!"}

Step 3:
The most 'time consuming' part of this project is the shredding of the Fels-Naptha, and it doesn't even take that long and it smells so nice. You prolly spend more time of the potty, and that smells.. well..

Step 4:
Line your detergent container with a garbage bag. I added the ingredients letting them take turns, layer by layer. Then gave it a wild shake.

Step 5:
Dumping it into the container was the worst part. Because all the particles got in the air and my lungs. So be full of care when doing that part.

Step 6:
Warsh your cloths! And all you need for a load of laundry is 1-2 Tablespoons. {I lean to 1T but for the real dirty loads use 2T.} Detergents at the store have fillers so that's why you have to use more. WOW! Never knew that. Surprise, surprise..

Join me again this Do-It-Your-Dang-Self-Saturday
to find out what these 2 have in common..

Thanks for playing! 
All info I got about this recipe was found here

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh. Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?"

I am loving my BYU classes. My professors and classmates are fantastical. And since everyone hates Monday I will entertain you will a tantalizing array of quotes proven to amuse. {I hope at the I don't get any I-guess-I-had-to-be-there nonsense.}

Let me first introduce you to my Professors and the classes I take from them.

Introduction to Non-Profit and Non-Profit Fundraising both taught by Brad Harris {picture a shorter older man, real outdoorsy-like}
Preparation for Marriage taught by Jason Carroll {picture a tall middle aged man}

Brad Harris:

On going door to door to promote his organization.-
"I made the mistake on asking a Norwegian what's so great about Norway. He dropped everything and sang their National Anthem."

Speaking to a local Non-Profit that was in attendance at class, The Provo City Police Wives-
"Let's hear from the Provo wives, the Provo's Hot Wives."

He keeps a file of thank you notes he has received over the years, here are his thoughts-
"Whenever I feel bad, I pull out that file and say wow! 2 years ago I was a cool guy!"

By way of introduction to my bloggity blog, I will and have placed quotes {and sometime hidden quotes without the " "} in my posts. Can you find them and name what they are from?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"I must say that it is going immensely."

I am greatly, exquisitely and profoundly blessed with amazing people in my life. Wondrous Moms{yes, I have more than 2}, one amazing Dad, friends, roommates, and Church leaders. Utah is not easy--if you thought it was. Life has truly never been harder. Or better. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." And it's not just because of BYU curriculum.

We sang this song in Relief Society last Sunday and I started tearing up. The last verse struck me. And it's a song you and I sing all the time. It's all vigorous and upptiy but there I was being all girly and crying.

Do what is right,
be faithful and fearless.
Onward, press onward,
the goal is in sight.
Eyes that are wet now
ere long will be tearless
Blessing await you
in doing what's right!

Do what is right;
let the consequence follow.
Battle for freedom 
in spirit and might;
and with stout hearts 
look ye forth till tomorrow.
God will protect you;
then do what is right!

{Photo taken by this guy.} And I can't wait to go here. Spiritually speaking I can go right now! But technically speaking, it is closed today and I left my wallet at a gas station in Kingman with my recommend in it..  Long story shortened--It is in the mail. {Long story coming soon}

Let us all just admire Utah for a minute. C'mon haters, just for a minute. You can do it. Utah is absolutely gorgeous. The scenery here is breathtaking. I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills.. 

Time for some Trivia!
Do you know how tall the statue of Moroni is, that is on top of the Provo Temple? 
Without looking it up!