Monday, May 7, 2012

"Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh. Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?"

I am loving my BYU classes. My professors and classmates are fantastical. And since everyone hates Monday I will entertain you will a tantalizing array of quotes proven to amuse. {I hope at the I don't get any I-guess-I-had-to-be-there nonsense.}

Let me first introduce you to my Professors and the classes I take from them.

Introduction to Non-Profit and Non-Profit Fundraising both taught by Brad Harris {picture a shorter older man, real outdoorsy-like}
Preparation for Marriage taught by Jason Carroll {picture a tall middle aged man}

Brad Harris:

On going door to door to promote his organization.-
"I made the mistake on asking a Norwegian what's so great about Norway. He dropped everything and sang their National Anthem."

Speaking to a local Non-Profit that was in attendance at class, The Provo City Police Wives-
"Let's hear from the Provo wives, the Provo's Hot Wives."

He keeps a file of thank you notes he has received over the years, here are his thoughts-
"Whenever I feel bad, I pull out that file and say wow! 2 years ago I was a cool guy!"

By way of introduction to my bloggity blog, I will and have placed quotes {and sometime hidden quotes without the " "} in my posts. Can you find them and name what they are from?

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