Thursday, May 31, 2012

"I'm awake! I'm alive!"

Oh heck. I am rounding up on the last weeks of the Spring Semester here at dorky BYU. Things are dang busy with that.

I just started a brand new job at Vivint in the retention department which means I convince people to keep them awesome alarms systems.

This is my Boss. He's Boss.

AND I work at Maple Lake Academy as on-call with 14 awesome boys that have Autism. The boys live at a gorgeous house out in Spanish Fork, UT full-time. Some hate it, some love it, naturally. I just had to learn PCS, so things get crazy too.

AND I work again at Cafe Paesan. Rarely. But I get 50% off when I visit and 100% off on the days I work. It is dang yummy. The couple that started Cafe Rio and sold it, are the owners of this little salivating gem.

AND I finally got a calling! I am the Compassionate Service Chairperson. So basically I sit in a chair all the time and people just admire my Spirit and the Light of Christ in my eyes.... But seriously, it is going to be a very challenging calling. We are starting from the ground up in this ward. 

And that's my life guys! Any questions, comments, concerns? Time to start guessing my quotes my friends! Time to play! Run!